Our Services

Our Services

Physiotherapy clinics

A wide range of programs to address each patient’s problem and to improve health, well-being and ability to return to normal or at least close to normal and to maintain regular and normal bodily functions.

Pediatric Clinics for Psychological and Behavioral Rehabilitation

Specialists in :

Psychological Treatment and Rehabilitation Clinics for Adults

Safe and effective treatment with complete confidentiality

For the treatment of many diseases and mental disorders Anxiety, social fears, depression and sadness, obsessions and irrational beliefs, panic and fear of open spaces, sleep disturbances, behavioral problems , attachment and addiction, personality disorders, schizophrenia, gender identity disorder, Alzheimer’s and elderly problems

Clinical Nutrition Clinics

Body fat percentage is checked with the latest medical devices
and exercise sessions for each condition – the service is provided by qualified physiotherapists

Treating both obesity and thinness problems in children and girls and designing diet programs
And approved lunch programs suitable for each case under the supervision of specialists in therapeutic nutrition 

Speech therapy clinics and speech defects

Speech and language difficulties services
We help the patient to overcome the difficulties of pronunciation and speech output

The therapist helps patients who have problems with communication, speech, language and swallowing
Children with developmental delays and disorders that impair their motor, cognitive and sensory skills
Children with specific difficulties that impair their functional, organizational or motor abilities. This group usually belongs to children with ADHD, sensory regulation disorders and children with specific developmental delays that are not comprehensive – eg, a child with severe/mild motor difficulties who does not have a sensory or cognitive impairment
Adults whose abilities have been impaired by an accident, medical intervention or chronic disease
Older people whose functional abilities have been impaired
Children and adults with a psychological disability that affects their daily functioning

social services

The social worker, in cooperation with the medical team, provides social support and advice to the center’s patients and their families, facilitates integration processes in schools for children and at work for adult patients, and helps the social worker in identifying and implementing social and support services during treatment 

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